The Thomco Team (Our Key Personnel Credentials)

Diana Thompson, President
Diana Thompson, President and co-founder of Thomco Construction, has been with Thomco since our inception in 1996. Diana has a degree in Business and possesses an extensive background in business and business applications. Diana also has 25 years experience in the legal industry and is well qualified to review and respond concerning all legal aspects of the business, insurances, contracts, and subcontracts. Diana is also responsible for making every decision at the corporate level of the company. Diana also works with Thomco’s accounting department to assist in the development of new and improved tracking systems. Diana’s attention to detail on any task she undertakes is unsurpassed and is one of the many traits that continue to make her a valuable member of the Thomco team.

Glenn Thompson, Vice-President
Glenn has provided project management in the construction and engineering industries for over twenty-five years. As co-founder of Thomco Construction, Glenn has over ten years experience in the successful operation of a small business. He works hands on as an estimator and project manager for Thomco and manages over 40 projects per year. Glenn is a member of the International Conference of Building Officials and holds inspection certificates in both structural steel/welding and reinforced concrete.

Louis Kloss, Project Manager/Estimator
Louis has worked at Thomco since 2002 and has over fifteen years of construction experience. Louis has successfully bid projects ranging in size and cost. He is responsible for landing and managing the Sherwin Williams Small Batch Plant; which is new construction of a large paint processing plant. Louis has also managed several tenant improvements including the renovation of the Civic Center for the City of Redlands as well as the Police Annex Building for the City of Garden Grove. He has vast experience in public works construction process including: bidding, schedules, certified payroll, AIA invoicing, Requests for Information, change orders, and close-out documents. Louis has been employed for leading edge companies including McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and McMaster Carr.

Nicole Paproski, Project Manager/Estimator
Nicole has been a member of the Thomco Team since 1999. She handles all managerial phases of each project including, but not limited to, estimating, project mobilization, subcontractor correspondence and contracts, insurance certificates for both Thomco and subcontractors, submittal processing and all other methods to facilitate the smooth and efficient management of documentation required to execute a construction project. Nicole has been awarded several successful projects crossing from public to private sector. She is responsible for landing and managing construction of the Inglewood Payment Center for Southern California Gas as well as a homeless shelter for the City of Riverside. She has also assisted in managing several Thomco projects and has stepped in to assist with special tasks on numerous projects including but not limited to: schedule assembly; correspondence between suppliers, subcontractors, and clients; compilation of operation and maintenance data, and close-out procedures. Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University Fullerton.

Ellen Stephens, Project Accountant / Human Resources Director
Ellen is the single point contact for financial matters, which includes accounting and bookkeeping on all projects. Her expertise includes invoicing, tracing payments, tracking project costs and distribution of monies to subcontractors and suppliers. Ellen is also Human Resources Director and as such she manages payroll, including certified payroll for public products, health insurance and retirement funds. Ellen has vast knowledge of employment laws and regulations. In addition to these responsibilities she is also in charge of insurance, pre-lien, and releases tracking and recording. Ellen is skilled in expert manipulation of Master Builder software, Quickbooks, and ADP Payroll Software. She also spent several years in the accounting office at the International Conference of Building Officials.

Holly Haney, Office Manager
Holly is the Office Manager and Receptionist. She is usually the initial point of contact for any correspondence that enters Thomco’s office. Holly is responsible for correspondence management: including initial customer contact and subcontractor relations. She assists with bidding process including plan distribution, subcontractor invitations, follow-up and compilation of actual job cost. Holly is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of all office equipment and supplies. She is working on bachelor’s degree to be conferred June 2008

Scott MacNair, Superintendent/Specialty Construction
Scott’s background and assets further expand the Thomco Team capabilities. Scott has a wealth of construction experience. Working in the industry for more than 15 years, he has personally constructed or directed crews in more than a dozen environments. He also has superb abilities in concrete construction, high-rise and bridge erection, multistage scaffolding, false decking, beam and column, shoring, cabinetry and finish work.