Management Team Responsibilities

Project Manager:

  • Single point client contact
  • Coordinates initial planning
  • Lets initial subcontracts
  • Conducts construction progress meetings
  • Coordinates all estimating duties
  • Schedules project
  • Monitors subcontractor performance
  • Reviews daily reports
  • Issues purchase orders and contracts
  • Oversees all on-site personnel
  • Coordinates correspondence from subcontractors and client


  • Participates in initial planning
  • Schedules subcontractors
  • Supervises work in progress
  • Interfaces with client in the field
  • Solves technical problems on site
  • Prepares daily labor and material reports
  • Conducts safety meetings
  • Order materials
  • Maintains subcontractor performance

Administrative Assistant:

  • Assists with all correspondence
  • Finalizes daily work reports
  • Tracks paperwork
  • Maintains up-to-date cost records
  • Contacts subcontractors
  • Prepares meeting notes
  • Assists project manager and superintendent as necessary


  • Collection of subcontractor invoices
  • Verification of contract and change order amounts
  • Collection of Conditional and Unconditional releases
  • Payment of all subcontractor invoices
  • Receipt of all payments from clients and owners